Process and Times Lines

Here's is what you can expect from us.  You will have a thorough evaluation of the loan prior to submission.  We will have a one to one meeting so we understand your needs and your business.




Our 1st step is always to meet our clients and walk through their business and undertand the challenges and opportunity.  We do comprehensive client anaysis and pre-underwrite the file before we work on submitting the loan.  This service is very critical and works to benefit our clients by helping them undertstand the process, opportunity and challenges with the loan request.  


After we have a complete file. On average it takes 45 days to close a loan request.

  • 5-10 days for underwriting and approval
  • 10-15 days for Environmental & Appraisal.
  • 1 week for review and process of Environmental and Appraisal
  • 1 week to close or escrow.  


FOR NON BANK LOANS: (Asset Driven Loans, Credit is not a priority)

Normally it takes 10-20 days to close depending on difficulty. 




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