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Interest Rates Range

Rates posted here are updated Monthly and are not guarateed.  Rates are always subject to daily change and are not guranteed.  To get the latest and most accurate rates contact us.



5 year fixed 3.75%, 10 year fixed 5%.  All amortized for 25 years

Up to 80% LTV



Range from 8% fixed to 12%.  Normally between 3-7 points.  

10-15 day closing. 



Rates range from 3.75% to 5.75% Depending on complexity of the file. Personal finance Headlines

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US: CP 1013006.277551 2017-08-16 FRB Total commercial paper outstanding
Total commercial paper outstanding
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US: CP 228427.050870 2017-08-16 FRB Nonfinancial domestic commercial paper outstanding
Nonfinancial domestic commercial paper outstanding
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US: H15 1.16 2017-08-18 FRB Federal funds
Federal funds
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US: H15 1.07 2017-08-18 FRB 1-month nonfinancial commercial paper
1-month nonfinancial commercial paper
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